Parquet flooring is a beautiful and stunning addition to any home, there are many colour and pattern options available. Unlike some cheap imitations Parquet flooring must be laid by a professional Parquet flooring specialist like Anglian Floor Craft.
Our machines are all self-vacuuming to minimise dust, and can also be attached to an external vacuuming system to ensure that minimal dust intrusion is achieved.

We also use air filtration systems to meet health and safety requirements.
Only high-quality seals, oils and waxes are applied ensuring maxim wear quality as well as maxim durability.
We offer an ongoing maintenance package which can be carried out annually or sooner depending on the area in question and amount of foot traffic it deals with. This ensures the maxim performance from your Parquet floor.

We are happy to advise on the suitability of your floor and will carry out repairs where practical.

Please use our contact page to inform us of your enquiry.